Fast Times In Faerun

The Story So Far


Their first day at work was a Monday, and a rough one at that. Their short-tempered editor Garrett Greybeard was also short-staffed and had them fill in for the paper’s crime and arts reporters. The day’s hot leads were a missing girl in Low Town and a travelling theatre company’s sensational production of “Dusk”, a bland but strangely seductive tale of forbidden love.

Suspecting that the girl’s disappearance and the play were somehow connected, the team tracked down the actors and through a series of unorthodox and utterly terrifying interview techniques learned that in stagecraft, the greatest performances are the ones you barely notice…


Sensing a scoop, Garrett Greybeard sent our reporters out to the distant backwater of Fallcrest to interview Douwen Staul, an archaeologist who claimed to have made a major discovery from the Bael Turath era. The road was long and hard and along the way the team made two new friends from a rival paper, but when they arrived in Fallcrest they found Douwen was now the latest in a string of disappearances amongst the townsfolk. To make matters worse, their rooms were raided during their first night, and the only clues were a mysterious letter from one “Kalarel” and a glimpse of a skeletal figure on a hillside.

The following morning they set out for Douwen’s dig, the site of two colossal dragon skeletons etched with strange and menacing runes. Before long they discovered a trail of blood and trampled undergrowth leading to a stone stairwell carved into the cliff face. Was it simply an old tomb infested with kobolds… or something else entirely?

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